Arch Traveler

Arch Traveler is the most famous of our Gracie’s residents. Arch is an off the track racehorse.

Arch started his racing career in Kentucky and raced in several high level races. After being entered into a claims race, His new owner sent him to Puerto Rico where racing isn’t as glamorous as it is in Kentucky. Horses are raced in lower level races far too often. Arch had a total of 72 starts. He was being watched by a non-profit horse rescue in Puerto Rico. When Hurricane Maria hit the island, the Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare convinced his owner to surrender Arch to them. At that point Arch needed to retire and find a forever home. I was contacted by CARIBBEAN Thoroughbred Aftercare and after being accepted, I had Arch flown from Puerto Rico to the states. Because of the conditions in Puerto Rico, Arch wasn’t in great shape when he arrived. But he acclimated really well and he’s doing great and happy to spend his days with his Friend, Caliente. Arch Traveler still has his fans from his years of racing and enjoys his life as a retired OTTB at Gracie’s Farm.