Dixie was born on September 31st, 2009. She was a surprise to her mom Mirage, also a resident of Gracie’s Farm. Dixie just appeared that morning next to Mirage in her stall. No one knew Mirage was pregnant. I was alerted to the situation because Mirage and Dixie were slightly malnourished. Mirage was still working hard as a reining horse and not getting the proper nutrition. As a result, Mirage had several injuries and Dixie needed some special care to get her healthy.

Their owner agreed to transfer ownership over to me and the process of getting them both healthy began.

Dixie is a very special girl. She has shown extraordinary innate talent but because of her compromised nutrition at birth, she has had ongoing lameness issues. Dixie continues to be ridden when possible and loves to help gather cows on the mountain.