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Hank was brought to Blue Sky Ranch at one day old in 2013. He was born at a local dairy farm and as a bull not destine for a very long life. One of the cows had a still born baby and there was a need for a newborn to nurse from that mother. The mother cow refused Hank so we brought him to the barn and bottle fed him until he was big enough to go out in the pasture with the bigger cows. Hank became famous around Blue Sky. During the day he would wander around the barn and greet people. Always so friendly. No one would have guested how huge Hank would become.

Hank is now part of the Saving Gracie pet cow herd. He’s so big we’ve had to rebuild our fencing because he can just walk through it. Hank is the reason we started adopting cows. He showed us and all the people that have had the opportunity to meet him, that cows are wonderful, kind and smart creatures.

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