In early 2013, Spartan lived on a privately-owned ranch with close to 140 other horses in deplorable circumstances - they were starving, had no clean water, a few were very seriously injured, and some foals had even died. The police and local government were involved and had taken the horse in the worst condition to an animal shelter where he could receive proper care; this horse was Spartan. Because of the law's involvement in this animal cruelty case, the owners of the ranch were taken to court and their horses were placed on a lean, because of their property status in Utah. For about 3 months, Saving Gracie donated hay, grain, and clean water to the animal shelter overseeing the treatment of the neglected horses to ensure that they would not die of starvation or dehydration. Saving Gracie, with the help of local law enforcement, also did in-pasture medical checks of the horses. Soon after, the horses on the ranch were put up for auction by the state and Saving Gracie successfully purchased Spartan along with 7 other horses.

Spartan has had a forever home at Gracie's Farm for the past 5 years. His rehabilitation has involved his gelding, showing him that he can trust us by providing him with fresh water and food every day, and slow gentling him with the acknowledgement that there will be setbacks. In the 5 years that he has lived here, he has made incredible progress, but is still haunted by his past. Our goal for his rehabilitation is to give him a sense of peace and comfort for the rest of his life – and one day, if he is ready, we hope to ride him again.