Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation was founded in 2014 and was created to aid in the rescue of neglected, abused, and abandoned horses. 

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Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of horses "one horse at a time". Saving Gracie, along with it's partner, Blue Sky Utah, upholds the "GOLD STANDARD" in equine care. We use the most current and progressive medical research to diagnose and treat the issues that are most always present in a rescued horse.


With this philosophy, "one horse at a time" gives us the opportunity to help rescued horses recover from emotional and physical injury to the best of their ability. Once healthy, which can take years, we will carefully find quality homes for them where they can be a lifetime companion for someone.  For those horses that can't completely recover, we offer them a forever home at Gracie's Farm.


Our Mission

Saving Gracie Equine Healing Foundation is dedicated to reducing the neglect and suffering of horses. 

What We've Achieved

We've rescued a total of 20 horses, found some of them new homes, and provide most of them permanent sanctuary at Gracie's Farm, located in Wanship, Utah.